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GeoModel, Inc. is registered with the FCC and uses FCC-approved GPR equipment.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Surveys Conducted by Geophysical Experts


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the best survey method avaliable for the detection of subsurface objects or features. Ground penetrating radar can locate underground pipes, underground storage tanks, sinkholes, grave sites in cemeteries, burial trenches, and voids in concrete. Our ground penetrating radar survey experts can use GPR on your site to locate anything underground.

Buried pipesGround Penetrating Surveys

Our ground penetrating radar survey team has considerable worldwide underground location experience. Our state of the art computerized ground penetrating radar equipment can be mobilized to your site in a very short time. There are no shipping charges since the equipment goes as airline baggage. Our low cost GPR surveys will fit your budget.

Our personnel have been in most of the 50 states and a number of foreign countries including Africa, Mexico and the Middle East. Our survey team located contaminated soil in a waste pit in Nigeria, Africa, and provided ground water table information in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., with ground penetrating radar survey equipment.

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey Techniques and Report

Our GPR survey experts first obtain all of the necessary information about your site. The condition of the ground surface and vegetation is important since heavy vegetation or soft ground can slow the progress of the ground penetrating radar survey. Then the survey team obtains soil and water table information along with the information about what you are looking for.

The survey team then establishes a grid of GPR transect lines on your site. Typically, GPR survey lines are run in perpendicular directions to obtain maximum coverage. The spacing between the transect survey lines is dependent on the size of the target or underground object.

The ground penetrating radar equipment is then pulled across the site. The type of GPR antenna or transducer used depends on the depth of investigation. A high frequency antenna such as the 900 MHz antenna obtains information to a depth of 3 feet. A lower frequency antenna such as the 200 MHz antenna obtains information to about 30 feet. Our firm has all the necessary antennas required for any site.

The GPR data is then examined and analyzed in detail back in the office. A quick field assessment of the GPR data can be made but this can only a preliminary examination. A final report is then made to the client.

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rebar in concrete

Ground Penetrating Radar Applications


Other Survey Techniques

Our geophysical experts can conduct other types of surveys to map underground features. Our professional staff can conduct an electromagnetic conductivity (EM) survey to map ground conductivity and to locate buried metal.

A ground resistivity survey can be run to measure depths of geologic features such as soil and rock layers.

Examples of Ground Penetrating Radar

This is an example of ground penetrating radar taken in Nigeria, Africa, of contaminated soil in a waste pit. The radar antenna was placed on the bottom of a boat.

GPR image of pond profile

This is an example of ground penetrating radar data taken in Ocala, Florida. It shows the top of pinnacled limestone in a karstic limestone. There was concern of possible sinkholes in the area.

bedrock profiling

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